was acquired in December of 2019. During the acquisition my original intention was to keep the site as-is, after all, you, our customers have been the foundation of this website for the last ten years. Upon further investigation, we came to learn that most of the content on this website had been taken from other locations without proper credit.

We explored all possible options, including trying to post fix 3,600 posts and provide proper credit. Our intentions were great, but after months and months of working with legal teams, we realized untangling this web would not be possible. The aggregator known as needed to change and needed to change permanently. So what now?

After serious consideration, I decided to remove all 3,600 posts from the website and give the fresh start it deserves. Instead of re-building an aggregator, I’ve changed the purpose of the site. Our new goal, is to be the largest hockey directory on the internet. We’re here to do it with you and we look forward to it.

If you know of a podcast, website or YouTube channel you’d like to see featured on our website, reach out to us. If you own the property, there is a new listing feature, including premium options for you to allow featured billing on the site.

I want to thank all our customers for their patience while we’ve gone through this tremendous legal process and re-built to what you see today.